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Accelerator Plus v20170828 is a popular android app/game available to download for free in latest updated version. You can download full modded cracked pro premium paid HD games and applications in .apk format.

Download Accelerator Plus is a powerful download speed booster that supports a wide range of file formats and downloads directly on the SD memory card.

Download Accelerator Plus is a professional download manager for Android smartphones and tablets. In the past, downloading files from the Internet using cell phones, considering the available bandwidth and device memory, was more like a joke. But with the rapid expansion of smartphones and the supply of new generations of high-speed Internet, in many cases downloading files on the phone and tablet will be much faster and better than the computer. Download Accelerator Plus is a powerful download booster that manages your downloaded files in an advanced manner. Hence, one of the most important tools to be installed on any Android phone and tablet. In some cases, you might want to watch a video online, some of the communication bugs and slowdowns make it easy for you to do this. But with this app, there is no worry and you can quickly download the video at a high speed and view it offline. This program, also known as ADA + or DAP, is one of the best apps in the file management category. Download Accelerator Plus from a wide variety of formats. In this way, you can easily download various video, audio, and document files on your portable device.In addition, you have the ability to import your own custom formats to download the program you need.The software is always active and when you copy a link in the clipboard or open a download link in the browser, it automatically pops up, and the pop-up will be executed by downloading the file. In the opened window you can view and change the location of the file before starting down the oad. In this window, the file size is visible and you can hide the downloaded file by selecting Hidden File option.Exxlittor Plus app supports the default Android browser and other popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Additionally, it has a powerful internal browser with proper features that will not require you from other browsers.

Download Download Manager Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus has been released by ruby cell developer for Android users, and has so far scored 4 out of 5 on Google Play and has registered more than 1 million official downloads.

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Features Download Accelerator Plus

– Direct download files to SD / SD card other than Android 4.4

– Fully free with easy installation and powerful features

– Support for all types of archival files including music, video, documents, and apps

– Support for web browsers, including the default Android browser, Chrome, Firefox and so on.

– Get auto links when copying to the clipboard or opening a download link

– Supports stop and continue downloading templates

– Continued auto download stopped due to network error

– Good and suitable interface optimized for tablets

– Multi-window layout in landscape mode

– Increase download speed by fragmenting files

– Ability to define the desired speed to limit bandwidth

– Simultaneous download of several music and movie files

– Option to save music and video on external SD card as default

– Ability to add more formats

– Scan data to recognize music/video in order to play media

– Download file by scanning QR code

– View progress status of downloads in notifications as Mb / Mb and% / Mb

– Sort files by name, size, type and so on

– Download group files by adding a list of file links

Changes Version 20170828

– Faster and lighter and improved browser ad blocking system

– Supports more websites to download

– Minor bug fixes

Changes Version 20161112:

– Better interface

– Enter links to text file

– Search music and video

– Turn off and turn on WiFi automatically

– Bug fixes increase application productivity

– Help get additional websites

-Added diamond package

Changes Version 20161006:

– Ability to download videos from Facebook

– Bypass some blocked sites ( )

  • Name: Download Accelerator Plus
  • Version: 20170828
  • Android version required: 5.0
  • Need root: no
  • Requires Data: No
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