Age of Lords: Legends & Rebels 3.2.1 Play Age of Lords: Myths and rebels

Age of Lords: Legends & Rebels v3.2.1 is a multiplayer online game in the strategy genre Game Studios Erepublik Labs has released it. As a great and mighty lord must build a huge castle, unite with others and his army to defeat other real players from around the world train. Strategic and diplomatic choices a lot to get there. Specify your path! Age of Lords is a MMORPG (massive online-role-playing game) that is ongoing in the Middle Ages. Join the fight against real players from around the world and try yourself.

The game features Age of Lords: Legends & Rebels Android:
– Build and develop your city and research new technologies to create an empire!
– Speed up free that helps you make faster
– Learn the different forces to create a powerful army
– Map kingdom to gather resources, scout and attack the enemy troops from around the world explore
– Chat with players around the world in real time and discuss strategy with its allies in the chatroom allies
– Combining forces with other players and allies
– Increase the level of economic and military heroism and earn rewards
– Complete hundreds of missions to collect big rewards
– Stay on top of the rankings and to attract the attention of all Empire
– There are many other options to figure out you there! Play now!
– And…

image Pictures:

change_history changes in the latest version:

– Incomplete report for the owner of a wiped out army in a battle
– Fixed connections issues for players that connect to the internet through IPv6
– At the beginning of any KvK Kill Event the shielded Wonders will enter the contested mode
– Indonesian language
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