Download Army Men Strike v2.16.6 Strategy Game Army Attack Toys for Android

Army Men Strike is a fun and fun strategy game from the Lunanova studio where you deal with a toy soldier, RC machine (remote control), deformable robot, and so on. Have you ever dreamed of assembling an army of toys to fight your friends in your childhood? It’s not too late to realize your dream! Try it now at Army Men Strike!

Collect toys, build your own command center, hire toy heroes from a variety of varieties, train toy soldiers, and create a wonderland for your toys!

Hold the nostalgia for the small plastic soldiers!

In the Army Men Strike, perform a detective with your remote control, discover the mysterious rooms, look for treasures in the garden. Create a group with your friends, and queue up to win the crazy scientist. Design a strategy and lead your army men on the battlefield to fight for victory and gain magnificence.

Commander, your toy army is ready for battle! Give your command and lead the battlefield!

Android Army Men Strike features :
– High-quality graphics
– Abundant unique buildings
– Different fighting units
– Fantastic battlefields
– And …

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