Bullet Party CS 2 GO STRIKE

Bullet Party CS 2: GO STRIKE v1.1.3 + Mod you in a large arena battles against real enemies are. The game style shooting action in the Google Play Store has been published by Bunbo games.
Choose your team and your organization ready and firm hold. You can change the style of combat, strategy and select your gun. When you feel you’re ready to fight, pull the trigger and start fighting! To become the biggest killer of under heavy enemy fire and air strikes big with a thunderous attack, you need to kill at least have more than 50 thousands of enemies. Impossible mission to become the leader, his comrades and summon them to the sound check.Show your skills to prove himself in battle.

The game features Bullet Party CS 2: GO STRIKE Android:
– Modern graphics with AAA quality
– Range of weapons such as Desert eagle, AK-47, Mp5, M87-T, M79, Stw-25, Sniper, RPG and Pro-Knife
– Experience the awesome first-person shooter
– Fight in real-time multiplayer shooting
– Control easier by customizing the user interface. Works on any device.
– 5 and 2 Battle Mode map
– Sound effects and unique character behavior for each weapon
– Realistic graphics with professional lighting
Bullet Party CS 2: GO STRIKE 1.1.3 Download action game + mode bullet parties

image Pictures:

change_history changes in the latest version:

New Feature!
-Walkie Talkie
Now you can speak with your team!
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