Bus Rush v1.0.9 Apk Download

Play nice and have fun Bus Rush

Fancy graphics and colorful

Simple and fun gameplay in the style of Running

A perfect copy of the game Subway Surfers

Product Studio Play AppKing

The regular version + version was Mgamvd

Game Subway Surfers is one of the oldest and most popular games in recent years is the smart phones, so users have the reputation that many have made ​​a game of it. In fact, it is better to say that a new style of game Subway Surfers game Running founded and now after a few years, we offer several different games from different studios and companies are in exactly the same style. We are presented with another one of these games with your mobile Bus Rush.


Features :

  • Appropriate graphics to volume ratio
  • Design three-dimensional characters, vehicles and different objects
  • Fun gameplay in the style record
  • Modeled on the game Subway Surfers
  • Has a colorful atmosphere and fantasy
  • With different characters and unlock
  • The ability to buy new clothes and Zahrhay characters
  • Ability to use a variety of tools like skate boards and …
  • There are special features such as coin magnet, jetpack, super jump and score multiplier
  • There are various places
  • With the Daily Gift

About the game Bus Rush

Bus Rush play another game attractive and entertaining style is Running or run for the first time in the game, such as Subway Surfers see our style. Bus Rush, like many other games like the game Run Forrest! Run , SpongeBob: Sponge on the Run or Looney Tunes Dash , your pattern game Subway Surfers put. But unlike other games that were inspired by the style of play enough, strange and incredible play Bus Rush is trying to copy the whole of the game Subway Surfers is.

This copy was so perfect that if you’re caught in this game and the people around you have to see this game, probably never thought that this game Subway Surfers is not! Although imitation is excessive and inappropriate treatment of many users face, but in fact, that the copy was done in the best way possible. Maybe you do not play the game before you forget Subway Surfers , but the quality of play and details and features that are fun enough.

Bus Rush only control the copying and graphic style of the game Subway Surfers are not. But the characters, places and even use facilities such as the use of skateboards, Jet Pack, long jump, magnet coins and also exactly copied. With this account, the reason for the introduction of these games. If Subway Surfers are familiar, the game will be familiar Bus Rush as well. The only major difference between the two games is that Subway Surfers you can escape the railway authorities, but from a gorilla Bus Rush to get you out of the cage!

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