Call Manager Pro v10.0 APK

Call Manager Pro Apk

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Call Manager Pro v10.0 Apk Please make sure no other app recording the calls. Multiple recorders at once are typically not allowed. Very few phones may allow multiple recorders.

Key features:

  • Securely record all calls
  • Securely record Call history
  • Manually/Auto send to mail both history and call records.
  • Recordings will be sent to mail whenever configured n/w available automatically i.e recordings done when device offline will be sent to mail after n/w is available
  • Include/Exclude numbers to record
  • Recordings cant be played until unlocked by app,thus making it impossible for others to listen to call recordings.
  • Recordings have a random number as file name until unlocked by app which makes it impossible to know which calls are getting recorded
  • App protected with default password
  • Block all calls or all incoming calls or outgoing calls
  • Block calls from unknown i.e which are not in contacts
  • Include/Exclude numbers to block i.e select particular numbers to block and vice versa
  • Auto respond with sms with user given text when incoming call blocked
  • Block all incoming sms
  • Block sms from unknown(which are not in contacts)
  • Block sms from private numbers(which doesn’t display contact number)
  • Block sms contains particular words
  • see/get backup of of blocked sms from the app
  • Include/Exclude numbers to block sms i.e select particular numbers to block sms and vice versa

Call Manager Pro v10.0 Apk

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