Command a small base and turn it into an impenetrable base. Then attack and attack your enemies. Take control of heroes such as Price, Soap, and Harper. Create a deadly alliance with your friends, compete for the rewards of the game.

Call of Duty® features: Android Heroes:
• Train your Army expertise using bases directly from Call of Duty, such as Juggernauts, Dragonfire and CLAWs.
• Each hero has his own progressive system and his unique Killstreaks
• Build and upgrade your base with security guns, guard guards, SAM towers, mortars, mines, and more than 30 other upgrade structures.
* Defend your base against attackers and go offensive mode in three unique modes: PvP, Campaign, and Survival.
• Releasing Killstreaks such as drones, drones, hooligans, gunner, helicopters to eliminate opponents.
• Teaming with your friends to form an alliance, donate troops, and dominate your enemies
• And …

Note: Internet connection is required to run this game.

Note: It is recommended to download the data (or volume less than 40 MB) from within the game to prevent the problem from playing the game.

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