Callistics – Data usage, Calls Premium v2.4.3 a data management program, keep track of calls and messages. The program tracks the statistics of calls and data usage. The software with advanced functions such as graphs particular day, the number of incoming and outgoing calls and messages per day, providing metrics per call and many others, follow all log calls more efficiently than your phone’s default contact list Gives. You can also use mobile data, WiFi and roaming the whole or any application submitted. In the settings you can Banned numbers to the list of numbers that can add free voice calls and send messages. These numbers do not count in the statistics.

The program features Callistics – Data usage, Calls Premium:
★ Materials (Material design)
★ Supports dual SIM phones
★ counter Statistics data, calls and messages Android
★ Statistics data usage, messages and calls and real-time charts
★ Statistics data usage, messages and contact Charts Special Days
★ data manager for – 3G, 4G, LTE, GPRS, Wifi, Wlan
★ Android data usage information used in any application
★ beautiful widget
★ data usage widget, the widget calls and messages widget
★ beautiful widget with information to limit data usage, messages and calls
★ Page Summary
★ check calls, messages and data usage
★ Mkhlatbyn List sorted by number of minutes of calls or messages
★ Schedule sorted by data usage
★ equip metric ID
★ equip metrics per application
★ metrics on audience incoming and outgoing calls and messages every day
★ The number of incoming and outgoing calls and messages for the day and the audience
★ The number of incoming and outgoing calls and messages for all courses and contacts
★ log calls and messages log for each contact
★ Set the alarm to use your plan
– Release after output should reach a set time calls, the number of outgoing messages, consuming megabytes of mobile data
★ Set billing period
★ banned list numbers (ignore) (when you free calls and messages)
★ separate list of banned numbers for calls and messages
Not run in the background all the time – to save battery
★ data management and data counter for mobile data usage, WiFi data roaming and data usage
★ data usage per application
Callistics Premium 2.4.3 Download software calculates consumption data call

The software works on any mobile carrier worldwide.

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