Clash of Queens Dragons Rise

Clash of Queens: Dragons Rise v1.8.1 This is a confrontation between two red and white queen. Use of military force to capture or pick you? Queen you, Your Way!
When you’re a queen or if you marry a queen in Clash of Queens, then you can do whatever you like. Kings busy, but remember any of the events future depends on what you want!
Stand up and fight to rule the land in Clash of Queens, a new MMO action game and strategy that will allow a new type of interactive real systems with friends in the game and the reality of your experience!

Clash of Queens Android game features:
– Play and chat with other players online from around the world: using the moment to make sure that the correct translation of the dialogue without any difficulty communicating with other players
– Form a team of friends against all enemies in the game and defend the truth
– To join the Union and with other members of the imperial rule. Help each other to build the most powerful alliance in the land
– Empire’s most powerful and always be ready to deal. To strengthen his empire buildings, upgrade weapons and walls
– Wide range of training military offensive to destroy the evil forces and the army to participate in all events to gather more resources
– Your hero and legendary weapons forged out and your clothes and wear them close to your enemy
Clash of Queens 1.8.1 Download Battle Queen

image Pictures:

change_history changes in the latest version:

1, optimize the part of the art resources display fuzzy problem
2, when the network is not stable, remove the crash caused by the collapse of the monster
3, repair may lead to the game of random flash back problem
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