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Handy GPS v18.4 is a real navigation tool designed for outdoor sports like hiking, climbing, mountain biking, kayaking and trail riding are. Use of this software is easy and works well even in remote country because it does not require a network connection. This application is a perfect companion for your outdoor adventure. Search, find, sign and return home with Handy GPS.
This allows working with UTM coordinates or latitude / longitude you, so you can use it with your paper topographic maps. Stations between the road and on the track log is recorded and can later see in Google Earth.

Handy GPS Android application features:
* View your current location in easting / northing (UTM), or latitude / longitude
* View speed, direction, and distance traveled in both units of the imperial / US
* Ability to save your current location as a waypoint, and to save a log way to show that you were there.
* Ability to import and export between the log of track and stations on Google Earth, KML and GPX files
* Ability to manually enter the way in coord stations in UTM or latitude / longitude
* Ability to redirect you to a waypoint with “Goto” using the right or compass directions
* Audible alarms on the screen next to goto
* Has a magnetic compass (only on devices with sensors mag)
* Calculate the local magnetic inclination at startup by using IGRF-11, for use in page goto
* Ability to display a simple map of your current location or a waypoint stored, or if possible a Google Map data connection
* Supports data with data from Australia and around the world WGS84 grid map AGD66, AGD84, GDA94, AGD, GDA, AMG, and MGA. (You can also use WGS84 to NAD83 map).
* View satellite locations, and signal strengths in graphics
* Ability to display simple or MGRS grid refs
* The distance and direction between stations on the road
* Built-page online guide
* Product tested by developer
* And …

Additional features available in the paid version (file provided in this article is a paid version that you can download FREE):
* Ability to configure custom data using the ellipse parameters and intermittent
* Ability to send email or SMS containing a clickable link to your friends that show your location
* Ability to track your elevation profiles
* Take your average GPS positions over time to achieve a more accurate result
* Ability to capture, with optional geotagging (geotagged), directly from the app
* Unlimited number of stations between the road and the track log
* Show the sun rise and set times
* Turn on / off the flashlight from within the app

image Pictures:

change_history changes in the latest version:

18.4: Added recent descriptions button when adding new waypoint. Backup waypoints before deleting waypoints and / or tracklogs as well as when exiting the app. Cancel GPS updates properly when closing app.
18.2: Added auto backup of waypoints and tracklogs when exit button pressed (Cycles three backup files. This is for emergency use if data lost). Show grid ref using last known position.Swapped altitude and acccuracy on main page for consistency with other versions of app.
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