James Bond Spectre 007 Xperia Theme_1.0.0.apk

Select carriers around the world are stocking the “Sony Xperia Z5 Bond Edition” smartphone. Whilst the phone itself is the same as all others in terms of design, these ‘Made for Bond’ special edition handsets include exclusive themes and wallpapers not available to anyone else. It was always a matter of time before we saw this leak and today the Spectre 007 Xperia Theme has made an appearance.

Thankfully, this is one of the nicest Xperia Themes we have seen for a while and fits the Bond theme perfectly. The lock screen includes the signature gun barrel image as seen in the introduction of every James Bond theme. When you unlock the phone, you get a snazzy bullet animation that forms the SPECTRE logo. The settings menu also has a classy gun-metal look. If you want to transform your Xperia into the Bond phone then you can download the theme below.

Spectre 007 James Bond Xperia Theme_1

Spectre 007 James Bond Xperia Theme_2 Spectre 007 James Bond Xperia Theme_3

Spectre 007 James Bond Xperia Theme_4 Spectre 007 James Bond Xperia Theme_5

Spectre 007 James Bond Xperia Theme_6 Spectre 007 James Bond Xperia Theme_7

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