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My Talking Dog – Virtual Pet v3.1 is a popular android app/game available to download for free in latest updated version. You can download full modded cracked pro premium paid HD games and applications in .apk format.

My Talking Dog – Virtual Pet This game is for animal game enthusiasts. Download this game and enjoy the small games in it and also change the look of your dog. All other options …

My Talking Dog – Virtual Pet This game is for animal game enthusiasts. Download this game and enjoy the small games available and change the appearance of your dog. Check out all other options but I’m sure Eventually this dog will be your favorite pet. If you can not have a real pet, this virtual pet will be a good option for you. Charlie is your spokesman dog ready game. This game is a mix of appearances and animal speakers. Regarding the simplicity of the game, the game belongs to the kids, but the small games that it has made the game suitable for teens and even adults. If you play the cat spokesperson or other games that speak animals have You have been interested in it, you will definitely love this game.Various clothes and different style of wearing them make the game suitable for boys and girls, but not all that is in this game. In addition to dressing the dog, you can change his furniture too. You have to feed him, wash him in the bathroom, and play in addition to him. To talk to your dog is enough to tell Charlie with it. A funny voice repeats.There are many interesting dogs and puppies in this game, and if you download this game you can choose a cute puppy as your pet.


Game features:
Talk to Charlie, he repeats everything with a funny voice.
Playing makes your dog get tired, do not forget to feed him.
This lovely dog loves filthiness, so you have to wash her.
Choose your favorite outfit and other accessories for your dog and bring them to your home furniture to make it look prettier.
Listen to your piano playing your dog.
Listen to your dog’s voice and play with him.
If you get too much water you will need a bath.
After a long day put him in bed.
Advance in different levels and get interesting gifts.
Come along with Charlie in various games and mini-games.

  • Name: My Talking Dog – Virtual Pet
  • Version: 3.1
  • Android version required: 2.3.3
  • Need root: no
  • Requires Data: No
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