New LG X SERIES Will be coming with X-MEN Branding

LG will launch four new X-Men themed devices in its X series of smartphones starting in July, with specialized features in the US, Europe, and Latin America, company insiders told NoobDownload.

The series’ previously launched X Cam and X Screen — unveiled at Mobile World Congress this year — will get a makeover as well, they said.

The X Power, X Style, X Max, and X Mach phones will each feature a particular X-Man as its theme from the superhero movie franchise, following the worldwide release of the film X-Men: Apocalypse last month.

Pictures of the new phones were released via LG Germany’s Facebook page.

LG has tried to match the phone’s feature with an accompanying X-Man, sources said. For example, the X Style will be Mystique-themed so it is slim and compact. The X Max is the biggest of the phones and will modelled after hero Beast. X Mach will have the best processing speed out of the four, modelled after the super-quick Quicksilver.

X Power has the best battery to match the Professor X’s relentless concentration powers, while X Cam, which sports three cameras, is paired with Cyclops. X Screen will be matched with Nightcrawler, a hero that can teleport, which LG believes is similar to feature that allows users to move back and forth between the phone’s two screens. The hero’s good vision at night also matches that of the “always-on screen” feature, sources said.

A LG spokesman confirmed that it will launch the phones “soon” without elaborating further. He declined to provide specifications of the four new models.


Image: LG Electronics Deutschland

LG posted its highest profit in recent years for the first quarter this year, without sales of the G5.

It is now strengthening its mid and low-tier phones to add to the popularity of the G5 — which will likely help second quarter profits — to boost profits for the third quarter before another flagship launch.

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