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Fun and challenging game Papa’s Cookies Shop

With fancy graphics and simple

With challenging gameplay in the style of time management

The regular version + Version mode

Management style is one of the most challenging and popular style that many young girls are fans of the genre. Style management game that almost 90% of them focused on the management of restaurants, coffee shops, etc., you focus on doing several things simultaneously or Multi-tasking challenge. In this website one of the most popular games and fantasy APKTOPS want to introduce in the field.


Features :

  • Simple gameplay and challenging
  • Fancy graphics and design appropriate
  • Competitive style of time management
  • Acting as the head of a cafe and pastry shop
  • The ability to buy various tools
  • Upgrade online
  • There are different menu and the ability to prepare a variety of orders, including bagels, muffins and …

About the game Papa’s Cookies Shop

Game Papa’s Cookies Shop or store pastry Papa is a simple, compact and fun is in the style of time management. The game is placed in the category of recreational games. Game Papa’s Cookies Shop Although the volume is small and very simple design behind it. But engaging and challenging style of managing a cafe and pastry shop makes this game will entertain you for hours.

Game Papa’s Cookies Shop you in the role of a father and son who is a pastry shop and cafe manage. Your customers desire a variety of sweets for the store to come and your task is to as quickly as possible to do customer orders. If you are a long-time orders, customer satisfaction will be reduced by the same amount. Less money is less than satisfactory.

During the various stages of the game, if you send multiple order and this focus and leadership will test you if you can not handle all orders quickly. After each stage, new sections are released. New sections include new custom menus. When menus are larger, more diverse orders, and that means you need to focus. But also to direct orders, phone orders will be sent to you.

With the game Papa’s Cookies Shop your ability to manage a virtual store challenge. Doing so games, helps to strengthen the power of focus.The game has good size, can be useful for you to entertain.

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