Pediatric Emergencies v12.0 Android app Download

Pediatric Emergencies v12.0 is a famous android app/game available to download for free in the latest version. You can download Android apps, games and themes in .apk file format by visiting this website.


Pediatric Emergencies is a professional and powerful software for every pediatrician, anesthesiologist, emergency doctor or any healthcare specialist designed by ITDCS Ltd to help children in emergencies and emergencies. Use this app to create a healthier life for your children. 

Pediatric Emergencies


  • Possibility to avoid local anesthetic poisoning
  • The possibility of learning and learning natural physiological values
  • Access to emergency medical items for children
  • Ability to help children in emergencies
  • User-friendly and user-friendly interface

By entering the Paediatric Emergencies, an option to enter the age in the year, month, and day or as the birthday is displayed, starting with the program’s entry. Also, for more accurate calculation of your weight, it is asked if, if the weight is not known, the program uses the Advanced Pediatric Life Formulas (APLS) or the age of 50 for age and sex from the growth chart The World Health Organization provides an estimated weight. The program includes advanced life support group algorithms , the British Anesthesiologists Association and Ireland, the British Society for Endocrine and Diabetes Metabolism, the British Thoracic Association, the Emergency Medical School, the Social Services and Public Safety, the Difficult Association, the Regulatory Organization Regulations on Medicines and Health Products, Meningitis Research Foundation, National Institutes of Health and Clinical, Children’s Emergency and Emergency Department , Revitalization Council, Royal Belfast Hospital. 



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