PIP Lock Screen – HD Wallpaper v1.2.1 Apk

Download software lock PIP PIP Lock Screen - HD Wallpaper v1.2.1 Android

PIP Lock Screen – HD Wallpaper powerful software for use on Android phones and tablets. With this program you can lock your screen so beautiful and iPhone style wrought with high security to protect your Android device.With this program, users can see at a glance important announcements applications and devices and immediately take the necessary actions. And the lock screen interface is very beautiful and very much similar to Apple’s phones and you can further customize your lock screen wallpaper and select an image from the gallery to use it. The lock screen has been tremendous themes that you can use in their Android devices go. These themes are made ​​entirely in high definition, and you can lock screen background images for their personal use. Your lock screen to unlock your device, you can use the pictures as if you attempt to unlock multiple images with the original image you selected will show up and you have the original photos in the past Brgzynyd .

The main features of the software PIP Lock Screen – HD Wallpaper:

– Well-designed themes

– Editor lock DIY

Custom background images

Pass custom photo

– View important announcements at a glance

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