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Pokémon GO is the hottest Android adventure game that has been online and has gained more than 50 million downloads from Google Play in its shortest time.

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Do you know Nintendo? Yes, the company that has played 127 years ago in the field of game production in a variety of ways and has achieved significant success. The company started its business in 1889 with the production of game cards, and with the advent of computers and the growing popularity, they quickly changed their policies and began to play computer games. Nintendo, unlike many of the companies that are known for producing high-graphics games, large volumes and long stories, are simple but creative ideas that come up with very high sales at the time of release!

Please be sure to read the installer’s manual before installing the game and note that the game requires Android 4.4 and above!

Nintendo has now released an incredibly entertaining action game that has been widely welcomed for Android and iOS platforms. Yeah, well, the game is Pokémon GO, now in Australia, New Zealand and the United States it’s a broken record, and it’s true that Clash of clans has been forgotten!

This popular game has nailed people to every street, alley or neighborhood in the countries listed, you certainly see how many people have dropped their heads into the phone and probably if they are dressed too Get them from them will never notice!

Pokémon GO birth certificate:

What is Pokémon GO? A game with a simple yet creative idea!

Why Pokémon GO? To be honest, this should be asked by the Australian people, but we think this game is extremely attractive and fun due to the presence of special elements such as Augmented Reality!

What style does Pokémon GO follow? The style of the game is adventure, and since you have to rotate in the city and get pokemon, there are similarities to the puzzle games!

Is Pokémon GO worth playing? Honestly, if you give a glimpse of the French people, you definitely do not have the Pokémon GO you’ve ever played!

Game story:

The story of the game is that in the city, there are many hidden pockets, each of which has a certain degree of power. You first need to look for these pokemon games and find them. Now it is up to you to satisfy the first of the po-cumines that you have achieved, or to be greedy and look for other more powerful pokeons. It’s also on the coin that in the end you have to have the poem even worse than the first one!

Forget about the above paragraph, let’s start from scratch; from where we installed the game and run it! Honestly, the installation and execution of the game in Iran is more like the passing of Seven Jin Rustam to install the game! (So ​​be sure to read the installation tutorial.)

After opening the game and successive attempts to connect to the server, we did not receive anything other than a message on the game servers that we were still tired of, and we were finally able to enter the game after ten times (this problem was due to lack of Game servers that will be solved soon and with global supply). Well, at first, the game is offered to you to choose one of the 3 available pokemon games and enter the game. It is your wish to accept this offer or to give up on it and prefer to go to the city and select your favorite pokemon. You do not need to look at the handset with the eyes out of the bowl, as it will let you know with the vibration when approaching your poker handset!

Now what you accept and do not do, you have to have a pokemon everywhere. After taking a booty it is enough to walk in the city and collect points by walking! You can enter into the territory of other Pokémons by gaining more points and improving your Pokémon skills. Obviously, if you fail in the battle, your pokemon will die with all its skills, and now you have to look for another pokemon or buy the potatoes with the points you collect!

The game tries hard to get used to exercising.Evidence of this can also be a sentence that you read a few lines and maybe you did not pay attention to it: after taking a booty it is enough to walk in the city and take a walk with your points!

There are a lot of pookmons inside the city, some of which may be unprofessional and their failure is naturally simpler than those who own it!

Other elements are also included for more charm in the game, including clubs. Also, upgrading the pokemon skill level to the infinite (!) Limit can be one of the reasons why this game is more than expected.

Pokémon GO

Of all the issues mentioned above, we will be busy with the fundamental question of our minds:

Is Pokémon GO really worth it all?

Given the creative idea of ​​the game, our response will be positive! Maybe you still think about yourself, what is the reason for such a simple game to reach such a high popularity ?! Honestly, you will not notice anything when you do not play! Like Clash of clans, many said they would not play at all, but now they have more than 100 games, and if they want to give them their account details one day they will probably have a half-hour introduction to the Chinese, with a simple faint End everything!

Pokémon GO has the potential to compete not only with the popular and popular Clash of clans but also to compete with Twitter’s active users!

Pokémon GO features

– Low volume and creative idea

– Attractive and fun graphics especially for smaller ones

– Highly addictive (maybe a negative case!)

– The use of relatively new Augmented Reality technology

– There are several elements

– A world wide infinity!

We suggest that you never download and download this super-popular game that has been downloaded to nearly 500 million times in its Google Play campaign over a short period of time and has earned an acceptable 4.1 out of 5.0.

Changes Version 0.75.1

– Added new features

– Bug fixes and performance improvements

Changes Version 0.67.1:

– Added new Gym Badge feature

– Added In-App Notification System for sports venues

– Added Raid Battles a new experience of gameplay

– Added four new items for Raid Battles only

– Added visual index to PokéStops unvisited

Changes Version 0.63.1:

– Support for Brazilian Portuguese

– Show progress by tapping on a medal

Changes Version 0.61.0:

– Award for the first puppet in 7 days

– Fix text-related problems

Changes Version 0.55.0:

– Reduces loading time on Android devices

– Fix connectivity issues on Android devices

– Support the iOS wheelchair functionality to use the game on Apple Watch

– Troubleshoot text issues


  • Name: Pokémon GO
  • Version: 0.75.1
  • Android version required: 4.4
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No
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