You are a very useful program for aerosol transmission of the file and download it through your wireless experience for Android. It works like the popular zapya. With a Mac , this program can now upload files, even large files like movies multi-gigabyte in the shortest time possible with other Android phone or send your personal computer via a wireless connection and wireless. Builder application also claims that the program is the world’s fastest data transfer.
-Ayntrfys And user interface is very nice and pleasant.
-Qablyt Send or transmit anything ( photos , music, document, contacts and numbers, etc.)
-Qablyt Show all available in the range of the device software
-Qablyt Sending large files such as video at speeds 40 times faster than Bluetooth!
Without the need for any cost of connecting to the Internet
-Qablyt Send your application via wireless!
-Qablyt A support group and 5 Android device