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It is a nice strategy game Game Studios Plarium Global Ltd is the publisher. Enter the dark world of myth and fantasy sure! AsStormfall: Rise of Balur challenging epic battle in the MMO genre has prepared strategic online game. Fall Storm Empire has fallen and God of War by joining the battle between climates have increased once again as an ancient evil. You have to defend and protect the land Darkshayn and lead the people to go from darkness to light have been chosen.
For the first time this popular strategy game for free through epic battle, adventure, multiplayer, graphics, groundbreaking and genre-defining gameplay experience. Attack the enemy when fighting with strong competitors and expand your empire building coalition formation and gather resources. Map and plan your strategy carefully and to defeat powerful enemies to join various clones.

Premier few features Stormfall: Rise of Balur Android:
– completely free
– Available in several languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and Russian.
– Artwork, gameplay and exceptional graphics
– For the endless attacks and defend your castle a larger army
– Campaigns PvP (player versus player) emotional, your army against other players from around the world and to defeat stronger enemies to join the global league
– A free MMORPG game along with thousands of clones to join
– Diplomatic and strategic alliances with millions of players online from around the world. All in real time
– Get daily prizes
– And…

image Pictures:

change_history changes in the latest version:

– The Capture the Flag Tournament. This Event shall force you to adapt to new objectives and strategies as you rally your League Members, reinforce your League Fortress, and prepare for glorious battles! Hold onto your League’s Flag during the Tournament and best your rivals by collecting as many of their Flags as possible! Successful Leagues shall receive special League bonuses and unique opportunities to weaken rival Leagues!
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