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Fantastic graphics with incredible detail
The intriguing and very epic storyline
Professional amazing gameplay in the style of Action / RPG
The French studio DotEmu

The stories of mythology and the gods of Greece, always known as one of the most popular historical fiction. Attention and interest in this ancient story has led many companies to produce works of art with these themes. The video game also sees the launch of the game a lot in this field. One of these games, Titan Quest is known that for the first time in 2006 by the studio Iron Lore Entertainment for personal computers (PC) was released. After 10 years and to celebrate 10 years of the game, the French studio DotEmu action to port this game for Android and iOS platforms that. We are introducing with this awesome game for your Android mobile operating system.


Features :

  • Fantastic high graphics details
  • Excellent design and fully three-dimensional and accurate
  • High precision in the design of environmental elements such as water, trees, structures and …
  • Spectacular visual effects design
  • There are cutscenes and graphics demos between steps
  • Professional-style gameplay Hack N Slash
  • An epic storyline and engaging
  • Ability to create personalized characters
  • Travel to different lands such as Greece, China, Egypt, Babylon and …
  • Design of the free world (Open World) and the possibility of excursions in different parts
  • Air changes, day and night design
  • There are 80 different monster types
  • More than 1,200 items discovered
  • There are 30 different characters in classification
  • Take advantage of the specific skills of each character 150
  • Ability to upgrade the skills of the characters
  • Take advantage of various special forces
  • Allows you to adjust the graphics in Low mode on weaker devices


Titan Quest is an epic game popular in 2006 by Iron Lore Entertainment THQ produced and released by the company. The game 10 years later in July 2016 by French studio DotEmu for smart operating system was ported. In the beautiful game and the excitement over one of the Top 3 Myths Greek mythology, the great battle with the Olympians and Titans (12 Greek god) is concerned. Titan Quest game on Google Play and the App Store at a price of 8 euros was released.


Titan Quest Titan’s story is the story of the Great War. 10-year-old war that raged between the Titans and the gods of Greece.According to the legend, when the Titans were the ruler of the world, the gods of Olympus emerge and stand for the destruction of evil and the Titans into the big war that lasted 10 years. But eventually defeated the Titans lamp and the prison (Tartarus Valley) are sent.

After a few years, the evil force called Telkines entered and ruled that the means of communication between earth and sky gods were carried to the brain. The attack resulted in hundreds of thousands of evil monsters to Earth and the human world and the gods are under threat of extinction. Telkines to different points on the one hand and on the other hand attacked the Titans to Tartarus are going to release. They can Typhon (Last Son of God Titan Gaia) release. Large and deadly monster Typhon is released as soon as the gods, particularly Zeus attacks.

Earth is in peril. Its terrain is interrupted with the gods of Olympus and demons are destroying humanity. Now you as a human hero set foot on the battlefield and must prevent the destruction of Earth and gods. In this great battle you have to different lands like Egypt, Babylon and China Travel & Demons (Tlkyn s) destroyed one after the other and most importantly re-establish communication with Earth gods.


Professional and incredibly detailed graphics of the game will be the first thing that attracts your attention. Game details without exaggeration in the game console. That makes the process all the textures need to have powerful hardware. Lighting amazing, beautiful design elements, along with environmental and awesome sound and visual effects of climate change in terms of Titan Quest games have awesome graphics.

Hack N Slash game in the style RPG gameplay dynamic and well long can you entertain. In the game Titan Quest choice of gender and class character of the protagonist is provided for the player. You are able to upgrade your character in different sectors and different skills to teach him. According to the creators of the game Titan Quest is a free world (Open World) and more than 1200 different items in different parts of the game are waiting to be discovered.

Note: Please note that this game by default only on Android 5.0 and above installed. But we patched version with slightly weaker graphics features for Android 4.0 to 5.0’ve put together. The original version (Android 5.0) has been tested and runs easily and completely offline. Given this and the fact that development is still at an early stage of the game, users report that you may not install, have bugs or lack of proper implementation, there play on some devices. According to high and high volume play, please download the game your own risk.

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