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Number 6 could be considered an Android relic. It’s ROM Manager and for years it’s been one of the best ways to install ClockworkMod Recovery. ROM Manager has a number of features and is pretty easy to use. This has made it onto more than one essential root apps list.

So here is a quick list of things you can do with ROM Manager. Do note that many of these require the pro version. You can browse ROMs for your device, flash ClockworkMod Recovery and, for a nominal fee, ClockworkMod Touch Recovery, create Nandroid backups, and more.


unnamed (1)ROM Toolbox Pro

Fourth on our list is ROM Toolbox Pro. This is one of the very few all-in-one solutions for root users. It has a bunch of features that all root users could find useful and it’s even designed with Android in mind. That means all you #holoyolo fans will appreciate it.

There are simply too many things this app can do and we only have a limited time here so I’ll tell you the highlights. With this you can download ROMs, install recoveries, manage your applications, and it even comes with a built in root enabled file browser. Count in the stuff for more advanced users like kernel tweaks, and you have a valuable app for any root user.

unnamedRoot Explorer

Our long time YouTube fans are probably sick of hearing me talk about Root Explorer. To them I apologize, it’s not my fault this app is awesome in so many categories. Root Explorer uses root access to let you browse files on your entire device.

For root users, this is an essential task. There are a plethora of activities that require you rummaging through the root of your device and Root Explorer helps you do it. It has a clean interface, plenty of features, and is one of those essential tools for all root users.



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