WhatsApp Web for PC – A Simple Guide on How to Get Started

WhatsApp Web for PC client finally came out this year after having been anticipated for over a year.

This is partially because WhatsApp’s competitors that include Viber and Skype had already launched desktop versions of their apps, all of which are doing quite well as far as popularity is concerned.

What this also means is that users of WhatsApp will no longer have to shop around for an emulator like BlueStacks or Andy in order to get this app on their desktops. Furthermore, you don’t have to use different mobile phone numbers in order to use this application on a phone and a PC at the same time. You can have all your conversations transferred from one device to another without any problem.

Since this WhatsApp Web is a web client, all you need in order to use the app is a supported web browser. This is because the application does not support all web browsers, only Chrome, Firefox and Opera are supported at the moment. So, if you happen to be using a different web browser other than the three mentioned, you need to grab one of them and install it on your PC right away. The good thing is that neither of them is a premium app.They are all available for free from their official websites.

You must also be using an Android or Windows Phone smartphone. There are also some BlackBerry and Nokia devices that are supported.

Installing WhatsApp Web on a PC

Post installation of Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser on your PC, go ahead with the following simple and straightforward steps in order to get WhatsApp Web up and running on your PC.

  • First of all you must ensure the version of WhatsApp installed on your smartphone is the latest. You can go to the official Google Play Store and update to the latest version of WhatsApp just in case you are still using an old version.
  • Once you are sure the version of WhatsApp on your phone is the latest, launch the app. After that, tap on the three dots at the top right corner or on the menu of the app to reveal the “WhatsApp Web” option. Tap on this option to initiate the QR code scanner.
  • On your PC, open Chrome, Firefox or Opera web browser and point it to the page https://web.whatsapp.com/. A QR code will open up on this page.
  • Using the open QR code scanner on your phone, scan the above QR code according to the instructions displayed on the scanner. Give it some time as it establishes a connection between your PC and mobile phone.
  • Once the scanning is successfully complete, you will be logged into the PC client. You will be able to see the whole of your chat history and from here on, you can receive and respond to WhatsApp messages directly from your PC.

There is no major difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web UI. You can now enjoy using WhatsApp from both your PC as well as your smartphone using the same number. Unlike with the case of using BlueStacks where you cannot keep using the application on your mobile phone once you get it up and running on your PC, WhatsApp Web lets you access all your conversations on your smartphone as well.

WhatsApp Web for iOS devices

WhatsApp Web for PC has only been availed for a number of devices and iOS devices are not among them. This is due to what WhatsApp cites as “Apple platform limitations” and whether this issue will be resolved soon is still unknown.

However, there is still a way out for iOS users, although they must first jailbreak their phones. If you feel it’s worth it, jailbreaking your iPhone will grant you access to WhatsApp Web on your PC or Mac. However, you will also need to install a Cydia tweak in order to get the WhatsApp Web setting in your WhatsApp for iOS. Using WhatsApp Web Enabler, you can enable the WhatsApp Web setting on your iPhone and thus enjoy using the app on your desktop, just like the case of Android and Windows Phone users.

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