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A few years more than when the first plays Worms Team 17 Digital not been released. At the time, no one imagined that the game that has gained popularity can be obtained. Besides having excellent graphics and stunning and totally unique characters, new and yet funny but including the reasons that would make the game popular. The popular Worms game is popular enough that we are now in the fourth version of the game. With the release of the first version of the game that so many fans from around the world into its own. This time the game with power! Much more than the previous series returned to more users than ever before to bring. In the short time since the introduction of the game in the Play Store, “Worms 4” could be faced with a great welcome.



  • Create more damage by adding new weapons to play
  • The possibility of increasing the power of the worms by upgrading the weapons in the game. The new version of the game to the very top arms control will be possible to upgrade that allows users to play to advance more appropriate strategy.
  • Played in 5 different locations and amazing
  • Challenge your skills by participating in Single Player mode with over 80 challenging stages. These steps are designed in such a way that hints about planning care strategy game you will train.
  • Each player in the game can only choose one, you should choose the red or blue flag and struggle that will do to the same group will gather points.
  • Participate in weekly challenges in a world that now they can get points for their faction.
  • There are various options for customization worms and touch play
  • There are daily tournaments to participate and to gain more points
  • Ability to view achievements and game facebook friends in multiplayer mode

All those games in which the gameplay, characters and special design are available can attract users. However, the studios are a handful of games that are totally dedicated to offering games and unfortunately we see that even the most prestigious and well-known game companies have attempted to copy the gameplay other. In this regard, we are seeing a lot of games copied by many companies and studios are copied games. But as we said, if the game is to succeed, the game that has the gameplay is unique and special. In this case also saw the stubble off Kellens games, including game, Cut the Rope, Where is my water and dozens of other titles which are all able to achieve remarkable success.The game “Worms” is also one of those games that has a dedicated and innovative gameplay, and visually stunning popularity has been able to reach.

One of the main characters of the game Worms 4 can be considered unparalleled. In this game you will control worms that are very cute and lovely. In this game there are different creams with different Zahrhay the story is also around the same worms. For those users who previously have not experienced any of the versions of Worms game, we would say that the story of this game is about the same worms. In this game Worms war with each other, and you have taken control of one of them and you can not destroy other cosmetics. For this purpose, various weapons in the game is that you can use them. The number of weapons in this game is very much depending on the distance, type of cream and you can choose your weapon to get rid of the worms. Especially in the new version also added more weapons that can bring destruction once more. Ability to upgrade the weapons in the game Worms 4 is provided, and you can upgrade your weapons in several stages. Upgrade weapons can be attributed to the increasing strength of wines. So if you upgrade your weapons, in principle you can increase the strength of worms. So in this case you can fight with more power and destroy your enemy worms. Also during the game will be different achievements that will help you advance the game easier. The achievements in various forms such as tools, weapons, bombs, etc. will be at your disposal. You should try to make more achievements in your every step in order to make the game easier than before. Worms 4 different stages of the game is to challenge the skills of users. In this Android game you have to consider all the steps that you have taken offline and try to do that at every stage all the stars get to that point, as at any stage, that stage complete do you expect to complete more stars you have, and if the poor receive less stars in each stage. As well as the online games for users who want to play online is also intended that it can compete with other online users and their privileges increase. When connected to the game can play with your Facebook friends to also compare joined Facebook.

Worms 4 game has excellent graphics and is stunning. No doubt the high level HD graphics makes this game you will be surprised by the latest.Enhanced sound and play the van, including cases in which game designers have paid special attention to it to replace any cash left to their critics. If you are looking for an attractive and fun game that you could entertain yourself with the many days we suggest in any way the latest version of the popular game series Worms do not miss out!

Note: We ApkTops on the regular version of the game mode where you have prepared a version with the version of the game mode DLC and weapons are unlocked.

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