XPERIA Music (Walkman) v9.3.11.A.0.3 is a Popular Android app/game available to download in full pro premium version with direct download links in .apk format. You can download latest updated cracked modded mobile applications for free.

Play audio and video files with XPERIA Music Walkman

This version is available for installation on all Android phones

XPERIA Music is a powerful player for Android phones that allows users to play audio and video files on Android devices.

XPERIA ™ -Walkman


  • Play audio files by removing noise in them
  • Capable of viewing videos and accessing huge amounts of Hollywood movie videos
  • View images and videos as an album and access to video and video files shared on Facebook, Picasa, and Flickr!
  • The ability to connect the PlayStation via home-WiFi and play favorite games on the phone

As the name suggests, XPERIA Walkman is the default player for Sony phones. With this player, you can run and play audio and video files in a beautiful and beautiful environment. In this software, the best of Sony’s technology has merged together to allow you access to a huge flood of fun files.

xperia-media-apps-walkman-icon-2x-e703d70b5b0127bb6bd4e4e3fb0a8094 With this software, you can access all the audio files on your phone in one place. You can select and listen to the song you want in the tracks. The ability to get general information about the album, the name of the reader, the year of publication, the poet, etc. will also be possible with this software. This software can automatically extract sounds from audio files to listen to songs with the highest quality possible. According to the manufacturer, this software is able to take up to 98% of audio noise!

xperia-media-apps-movies-icon-2x-ccda859318f3398a899cdfd6c9b50b08 It’s possible to access and play movies within the phone at any time. This software is able to resume movies from where you stopped them last time and you can resume it from where you left off last time. With this software, you can have a lot of information about movies, including the name of the director, the names of actors, agents, synopsis, film covers, and more. Also, through the XPERIA Walkman App Library, the possibility of purchasing new Hollywood movies is also possible for users, allowing users to access the latest movies of the day with the cover, trailer, synopsis, cast names, agent names and … Access To buy it from any of them who likes it.

xperia-media-apps-album-icon-2x-3f8aea1fd011c95e7e3625c3fd9036aa The Album App tool allows you to access image files (photos) and videos as a glamorous album. This application has the ability to synchronize your Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa accounts and allows you to upload all the videos and images you uploaded to these sites simultaneously in one place, Have the time you would like to access them.

Additionally, this software allows you to categorize image and video albums that are synchronized through these websites based on location or face recognition to make them faster to access. To be Want to share your pictures with someone you love? XPERIA Walkman will allow you to view 4K images and videos.

xperia-media-apps-playstation-app-icon-2x-907314831136a1a452c274504c3d2c38 With this software, get a revolutionary entertainment on your mobile phone. You can connect your PlayStation®App to your PlayStation and play your favorite games anywhere you want. Do not let the PlayStation console decide where you should go.Connect your PS4 to your Android device and use your favorite WiFi connection to play your favorite games. With this software, you’ll have the ability to switch between the Android device and the PlayStation console.

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